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Looking Back, but Planning Ahead

May 13, 2020 | EJC News, Newsletter

We’re not much clearer this morning than we were last week about the specifics of returning to work, but we’re currently coping fine with working from home and intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

However, we’re also keenly aware that not every business is the same. Over the last few weeks we’ve been extremely busy helping a lot of people from different businesses and industries adjust to different ways of working.

Some have had to furlough staff, but make sure communications remain consistent; some have had to keep premises open; others have moved their entire operations to a remote working system, with varying levels of ease.

For some, it’s raised questions about how reliable their continuity plans are, or even entire business plans. For others it’s been a breath of fresh air – a slower pace of life.

The one overriding theme we’ve found is that everyone has had to rethink something. In some cases that’s been very positive, in others it’s been a necessity borne out of a major crisis. Survival.

Next week we’ll be sending out a useful tool to help you check you’ve covered some of the common issues we’ve been encountering, and to help you plan for whatever version of your business the future may bring.

In the meantime it’s worth brushing up on GDPR: just because your situation has changed doesn’t mean your obligations have too. In fact there is a bigger risk of data breaches and failure as a result of our new working conditions. The ICO has said it willl relax its approach during Covid-19 – but that’s no excuse for ignoring the rules altogether.

We have also put together some information about business continuity from an IT perspective, which you can read here.

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