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Backup and Recovery

Your data is critical to your business. If it’s not backed-up and, equally importantly, easy to restore then you could face severe financial and logistical difficulties in the event of a data-loss disaster.

You need to know your data is safe from hacking attempts and viruses and protected from disasters such as floods, fires or theft.

We advise a dual, automatic backup system:

  • Your data is backed-up automatically on-site. This means you don’t have to worry about changing back-up tapes (like in the ‘old’ days!), and the data is easily accessible if there are any problems.
  • Because data problems aren’t always technical (e.g. data-loss can be caused through fire, theft, flooding etc.), we synchronise your data safely via the internet to our own secure storage system.

This means that your data is always safe and there is no human-intervention needed to make sure it’s backed-up. As soon as someone has to remember to run a back-up there is the risk they will forget.

If you do lose any data then it is quick and straightforward to recover from either your local disk or from our secure servers.

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