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Startup Services

Setting-up a new business gives you the chance to get everything right from day one – but we are also aware that there are frequently much stricter budget constraints in the early days of trading.

Whilst it’s important to economise you should also think about the future: the ideal system is a low-cost one within your budget that is easy to upgrade as your business, your needs and your budget grow.

The last thing you want when you’re dealing with the challenges of a rapidly-growing business is to have to completely rebuild your IT system.

You’ll need to think about what you need your IT system to do. Do you need access whilst away from the office? How will it be maintained and your data backed-up? What about support for your staff and disaster-recovery options if there is an emergency?

Our customised fast-start packs are ideal for new businesses, offering everything you need in simple, easy to understand bundles including:

  • Email
  • Online storage
  • Security for email and PCs
  • Telephony
  • Domain name(s)
  • WordPress website
  • IT support and management

We can help advise you whilst you are putting your plans and budgets together and assist with purchase, installation and ongoing support of cloud services, hardware and software.

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