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Internet Connectivity

Reliable connectivity is critical to your business (how else would you be reading this?), and EJC have a track-record of providing high-speed, high-quality, secure connections to match-up to, and exceed, your needs.

We have project-managed a range of solutions, from ‘standard’ office installs to remote locations where internet access was previously impossible to obtain. As well as a variety of connection methods and speeds, you might also want to consider backup options if connectivity is mission-critical.

If you are moving to new premises, or need installation by a specific date for other reasons, we advise allowing as much lead time as possible, especially for more complex installations. Fibre installs usually take 60 – 90 working days, but sometimes in special cases can take over a year. Unfortunately EJC can’t always control this lead time as we rely on external suppliers but our project management service means that we do the hard-work instead of you.

We can offer:-

  • Business grade connections up to 1Gbps
  • Options for Fibre, EFM, Broadband (FTTC and DSL), Wireless
  • SLA backed service – guaranteed connectivity, with discounts if targets aren’t met
  • Traffic prioritisation – ensuring the most critical aspects of your business get the best connection (simple example: a telephone or video call would get priority over someone streaming music)
  • Connection monitoring
  • Project management for fibre installations which can take anything from 30 days to over 1 year
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