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A lesson in lockdown management & business continuity

Jul 23, 2020 | Newsletter, Advice, Resources

What do you do when the country shuts down? When you aren’t allowed to use public transport, can’t get into work, can’t meet with colleagues or clients?

And how do you get back to normal?

If you’re Jo Secker, Office & IT Manager for City of London law firm Druces LLP, you carry on doing your job — because this is exactly what you’ve planned for. Perhaps not planned specifically for Covid-19, of course, and perhaps not quite for the extent the remarkable three-month lockdown and furlough scheme would affect every person within the business, and every client (let alone the country), because no continuity plan can be quite that specific, and nor should it be.

We caught-up with Jo (Druces are a client of EJC) to chat about how she coped and, equally importantly, how she had planned ahead.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss your business continuity plans, or any other changes you need to make as we adapt to a new way of life and work.

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