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Email Security

Email is arguably one of the most-used internet technologies: it’s a fundamental part of business communication and, because of this, often the first point of attack.

In other words, every spammer, hacker and phisher knows you use email – so it’s an obvious place to start.

Installing the traditional anti-virus on each computer simply isn’t enough any more. In fact it arguably provides a false sense of security that, because you’ve installed a basic piece software you are completely protected.

The headlines are full of businesses whose malware protection let them down. From viruses and Trojans to phishing and spear-phishing attacks, email security threats are among the biggest risks confronting organizations today. With email-borne threats responsible for more than 90% of hacking attacks, malware protection for email must be a cornerstone of IT strategy.

Mimecast is a system that sits between the public internet and your email system, protecting your email, your users and your systems. It monitors all email activity, incoming and outgoing, and provides a number of powerful, useful features.

Malware Protection

The right solution for malware protection must be easy to use and affordable, and it must stop 100% of threats before they reach the network. For a growing number of organizations around the world, Mimecast provides malware protection that delivers on each of these counts, and more.

Spam Filtering

The bane of many users’ lives: open-up your email and trawl through the rubbish to find what you really need to read. Most built-in anti-spam software isn’t really up to the job, but Mimecast is very, very good.

It completely clears the ‘obvious’ spam, so you never see it, and is usually configured to send you summaries of emails it’s not sure about, for example those newsletters you occasionally glance at if they’re relevant. As you opt in or out of emails, it will learn and get even better over time.

Targeted Attack Protection

A targeted attack focuses on a specific company in order to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and financial accounts. Targeted attack protection must defend against a wide range of email-based threats: dodgy links, attachments with viruses, fake invoices, spoofed requests for payment or passwords and more. These attacks are often hard to spot and it is unrealistic to expect busy staff to successfully identify every fake email.

Part of the solution is your business process, but technology can really help and Mimecast deals with them all, seamlessly, and leaves you to focus on the genuine emails in your inbox.

Email Archiving

Emails get accidentally deleted, changed or lost frequently. However careful you are, it’s just something that happens.

Mimecast creates an instant archive of every email that comes in or is sent out. This is a different, more formal archive to your normal email backup, and important for any future auditing, legal or accounting issues. Even if you delete or change something in, say, an Outlook / Office 365 account, the original will remain accessible through the easy-to-use, searchable Mimecast portal, to which you have full access. Mimecast also keeps an archive of email for employees after they have moved on. How often have you needed to find an email sent by someone who left your business, only to find that the mailbox has been removed and deleted. Even better, they have put in place tools to help you remain compliant with GDPR.

Signatures and other utilities

We regularly see companies with a number of different styles of email signature or disclaimer – often because the onus has been put on the individual user to set them up. No more: Mimecast allows you to set a single sign-off for each user, customised with their details, to ensure a professional, consistent brand throughout your communication.

How to get started

There are a number of options and configurations to make Mimecast work perfectly for you. The best way to start is to review your current email setup, and discuss the problems and worries you have. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

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