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Our Approach

Distinctive Approach

We believe that EJC is distinctive in its approach to providing technology support services to small and medium sized businesses because we successfully combine these key factors

  • A systematic and reliable approach
  • Sustained personal relationships with clients
  • Communication in Plain English
  • Advice that is honest and appropriate

Customers enjoy superior reliability and security with EJC, allowing them to focus their efforts on other more productive areas.


In our experience a common problem for small and medium sized businesses is that many IT support and services companies do not follow a consistent methodology and therefore these customers receive varying quality of work and service.

  • System documentation is limited or non-existent
  • Clients often do not have timely access to administrative usernames and passwords when required
  • System management is reactive rather than truly proactive
  • System tend to operate poorly or be unreliable
  • Support and management costs escalate over time with no increase in business benefit

With such variation, customers lack confidence in their systems and their technology partners.

All EJC services are delivered using the same core systematic approach.  This improves the Security, Reliability and Performance of your technology.

Our systematic approach combines regular checks, careful documentation and a proven methodology.  EJC methodology is a documented approach for performing activities in a coherent, consistent, accountable, and repeatable manner.

This approach helps identify and resolve problems before they become significant, successfully reducing the incidence of downtime and speeding the diagnosis of other problems.  It ensures that our customers experience real improvements in reliability allowing them to get on with their business.

Systems Management

We monitor and manage your systems and networks with a combination of sophisticated 24/7 monitoring systems, intelligent automation and frequent management checks.

This approach is distinctive from other managed services because it is truly proactive.  Successfully reducing the incidence of downtime and speeding the diagnosis of problems, it ensures that your vital networks and systems are operating at peak performance and maximising availability.

Our experience with our existing clients is that it allows us to act to resolve problems before they become significant and reduces the incidence of system downtime and catastrophic failures.

Key components of our approach

24/7 Monitoring of your key systems and services to identify and resolve problems at an early stage

  • Internet Connections
  • Network equipment (Firewalls, Routers and Switches)
  • Servers
  • Email
  • Storage

Frequent Management Checks to ensure continued reliable performance

  • Server performance
  • Email
  • Anti-Virus
  • Backup
  • Firewall
  • Patch management systems

Periodic Technology Review

  • Discussion with management of changes in organisations requirements and business processes
  • Presentation of opportunities and solutions together with budgets and timescales

Design and Installation

Our approach to system and infrastructure design is based upon industry best practice such as Microsoft’s Methodologies.

This reinforces our experience from our own client base by giving EJC access to solutions that have been tested and validated through customer deployments.  These solutions provide a well-known infrastructure that is built using recommendations from manufacturers, partners, and customers and are based on years of learning.  In adopting these recommendations we aim to reduce the implementation and operational risks while deploying new technologies, thereby saving time and effort and giving a solid foundation for additional IT services to be implemented as and when required.

Key aspects of our approach

  • Your systems designed and reviewed in advance of deployment to reduce risk
  • Standardised hardware, software and services used wherever possible to reduce cost of installation and support
  • Systems built to a defined, documented and secure standard
  • Applications deployed according to agreed best practice and configured for performance and reliability
  • Desktops and laptops also installed to a defined and documented standard
  • Reliability optimized by integration of redundant features wherever cost effective
  • Procurement of cost effective manufacturer’s warranties for hardware components, giving you security of expenditure over term of ownership
  • All installation work carefully documented
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