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You and your staff need, and rightly expect, your computers and IT systems to be reliable.

You want a document to open quickly, your email to arrive when it should, files to be safely backed up and your network to be secure from attack.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your IT system – it should just be there, running quietly and efficiently in the background. It should help you to get on with your work, not cause headaches, angst and, worst of all, downtime.

If you want an IT system that works well, along with helpful, friendly people who can fix any problems that do occur, EJC can help.

Service Desk is a ‘one-stop-shop’ support system for your staff who can contact us by telephone and email to ask us to solve computer and network problems, and answer questions. We can help either remotely or in-person.

Use it to:-

  • Solve day-to-day problems such as printers not working, emails issues etc. – the common problems that happen in any IT system which can be easily and quickly fixed without the need for a support engineer to make a site visit
  • Ask questions – “how do I….?”
  • Fix problems on your computers and servers – we normally do this ‘remotely’ by directly (and securely) accessing your IT system from our offices. If we can’t fix your problems this way we’ll visit you on-site to solve them
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