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WordPress Websites


WordPress is a powerful system used to build, publish and easily update websites. The software itself is free, and there are a wide-range of add-ons (called ‘plugins’) some of which are free and some paid that add almost unlimited functionality to your website.

We can either convert your existing website to WordPress (retaining the existing style and design) or start from scratch. If you already have a WordPress website we can help advise you on security, speed, maintenance and features you may not have thought of.


If you’re ever unsure about how to do something with your website, whether it is updating content, installing new features or general troubleshooting we are available to help. Your website is an important part of your business, so it’s critical to have someone available who understands who to help you through any problems.

Updates & Monitoring

WordPress regularly releases updates to the software, and plugins and themes also need updating from time to time. It could be because new features have been added, or because there is a security update necessary to install. EJC can either test and install the updates for you, or advise you if you’re unsure what to do.


As with everything online you shouldn’t blindly trust every piece of software you come across, and WordPress is no different. Before you install any plugins or themes you should make sure they are reputable, safe and secure. Because WordPress is so popular it does suffer from hacking attempts, much like Windows, but as with Windows if you take sensible steps to keep it secure then you shouldn’t have any problems. Arguably a well-tested, sensibly protected piece of software like WordPress is far more secure than a custom-built website that has had limited testing.


Your website runs on data, just as your business does. To protect it and your business we can ensure regular backups – especially important if you are regularly updating or adding new content.


Secure, reliable hosting is important for your website and business. It ensures your website is safe and accessible – so when a potential customer wants to read your website, they can. We have a range of options depending on the size, popularity and importance of your website.

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