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Office Moves

Moving offices is a major step for any business and it’s essential to make sure you are out of action for as short a time as possible – if at all.

We install and test your IT system in your new offices before you move in. Depending on the size of your business the transfer can often be completed without it affecting your staff at all and done right, your staff can be productive from day one in the new office.

The best time to start planning your office move is as soon as possible. Don’t think you can just pack-up your computers at the last minute – it’s important to work out what you need to do in advance. That enables you to make the right decisions, based on the right information.

Also consider that an office move is often a good time to consider renewing or upgrading your IT system which we can advise you on and help with – but we can also move your entire existing system as-is if you are not planning on making any changes.

Our service can include:

Initial planning to ensure a smooth move

  • Review of what needs to be moved to the new location
  • New site assessment
  • New office planning
  • Assessment of your telephony so you keep your current phone number(s)
  • Advise whether you should consider upgrades or replacement of old equipment

Installing and setting up infrastructure at new office

  • Network cabling
  • Wireless
  • Internet connections

End-to-end management of the actual IT and comms move

  • Full back-up of data to ensure no risk of loss
  • Working closely with your chosen removals firm to prepare all IT equipment
    • Servers
    • Desktop computers
    • Other equipment
    • Full testing of all systems
    • Go-live support so staff are productive as quickly as possible
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