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Domain Names

EJC register domain names all over the world for our clients and continue to support our clients with our domain name management service.

We provide:

  • Domain registration, administration and portfolio management
  • Domain name selection advice for services and brand protection
  • Hosting and management of DNS (Domain Name Servers)
  • Renewal management

We register and manage domain names for clients across a wide-range of TLDs (Top Level Domains) including:

  • UK, European and Generic domain registries (UK, FR, IE, EU, COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ etc.)
  • New Specialist Registries (LONDON, LAW, CLEANING, ASSOCIATE etc.)
  • Specialist ccTLD Registries (Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania)

In fact we can register and manage domain names almost anywhere in the world.

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