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How to reset your lightbulb

Jul 23, 2019 | Newsletter, Advice, Resources

US-based General Electric (GE) was recently mocked for sharing a video guide to reset your lightbulb.

Their ‘smartbulb’ gives you features like voice activation, the ability to pick light levels, and solutions to a number of other problems you didn’t know you had.

If it needs to be reset then rather than, say, jabbing a paperclip into a tiny hole or holding down a button for a few seconds, you must follow a five-step process which involves the clichéd turn-it-off-and-on-again. But you have to do that five times, pausing for eight seconds when it’s on, and two when it’s off.

This was almost part of the ‘and finally…’ section of this email, but we think there’s an important point behind it.

We’re forever finding examples of engineers and developers who inhibit, rather than inhabit, the real world. It’s something we try to remember: we try not do bombard you with ‘tech speak’, but instead work hard to make things as clear as possible (although it’s surprisingly difficult to make something complicated appear simple).

It’s also important for you to think about how you use technology within your company.

A barrier to an effective security policy, for example, makes it difficult for users to comply: insist on a long password changed weekly and you will end up with post-it notes all over the office.

Look elsewhere too: how many hoops do you make visitors to your website jump through to get in touch with you? Is it easy or difficult to work remotely? Do you have a draconian printer policy that requires filling out a form in triplicate just to … print out a form?

We believe that technology should make life easier. We know it can be frustrating sometimes, but that’s surely all the more reason not to make things unnecessarily difficult.

If you’ve got any niggles or frustrations about how technology works for your business, let us know – it doesn’t matter whether it’s something we already help you with or another part of your business. We might just be able to make your day a little happier.

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