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The good old days…?

What did the world wide web used to look like for you? We all arrived to it at different times; some of us earlier than others and it's without a doubt that this exciting new-fangled thing which started to gain popularity in the 1990s has had a huge influence on...

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Tips, Tricks and How to Guides

Faster charging

You can charge your phone or tablet much faster if it's in airplane mode as it turns off wifi, mobile signal, location and bluetooth. This is also useful if you're trying to preserve your phone battery (although nobody will be able to call you when it's turned on)....

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Using the F-x keys

Ever wondered about those mysterious F1, F2, F3... keys at the top of your keyboard? They can be useful (Windows), although the problem is not every single program co-operates. F1... in most programs it will open the help documentation. F2... if you have selected a...

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Address bar focus

In virtually all web browsers, using [Ctrl] + L on your keyboard will highlight the address bar, enabling you to quickly search or type in a website address without having to reach for your mouse. You don't need to visit Google (other search engines are available) to...

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Featured Services

Email Security

Email security is about more than just anti-virus software. EJC can help protect this critical part of your business.

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Cloud Services

Use Cloud Services to improve business continuity, reduce capital expenditure and gain greater flexiblity.

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Service Desk

Stop worrying about your IT system – let EJC’s helpful, friendly people fix any problems you have, as soon as you have them.

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WordPress Websites

If you want to manage your website easily using the world’s most popular web platform, WordPress; EJC can migrate your current website, start with a new design and then host and manage your WordPress website securely.

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Startup Services

Starting from scratch? Get it right from day one with our customised fast-start packs of email, online storage, email and PC security, telephony, domain name, website, and support and management.

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Office Moves

Eliminate or minimise downtime and disruption during the move and start firing on all cylinders from day one in your new office.

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