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The good old days…?

What did the world wide web used to look like for you? We all arrived to it at different times; some of us earlier than others and it's without a doubt that this exciting new-fangled thing which started to gain popularity in the 1990s has had a huge influence on...

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WWW (the wild wild web)

In September we mentioned we'd be looking in-depth at some of the technology changes and challenges businesses are going to face in the future. Since then, Facebook (including other services under the Zuckerberg umbrella, such as WhatsApp and Instagram) disappeared...

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Your privacy on the internet

A few people have mentioned the Gener8 pitch on Dragon's Den to us, which aired recently. The idea is you get paid for seeing adverts and theoretically take control of your data and privacy. A slightly cynical view is that if someone is willing to pay you for your...

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LastPass and Last Year

Changes to LastPass and what they mean for you, and the full results from our Client Satisfaction Survey. Changes to LastPass (deadline 16 March) We've long-recommended LastPass as our preferred password management software. In short, you have a single 'master'...

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Cycles of Things

We were glued to our screens in January, watching events unfold in America. The big news which captured our attention, of course, was that Joe Biden's Peloton exercise bike was to be banned from the White House for security reasons—but how is that relevant to you?...

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Say “cheese”!

We’re always skeptical about simple solutions for solving complex problems. Computer security software that promises 100% protection; the revolutionary new marketing technique which is the only one you’ll ever need; the latest weight-loss method...   In other words,...

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Smile, you’re on camera

Facebook Portal launched last month - a new way to keep in touch with family and friends via sophisticated video conferencing technology. It also links with WhatsApp - an indication Facebook is keen for a return on the $19 billion it spent on the chat software five...

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Whose Emails Do You Trust? (Ours!)

We've seen an increasing number of innocuous-looking emails with links to files stored in either Dropbox or OneDrive. Because the documents are stored on a service that most people recognise (and trust), the links appear legitimate - and in fact do take you through to...

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…And Another Warning

We could probably write a newsletter every day with warnings about specific scams, but we're trying to provide general advice so you can spot them yourself. One particular style that is doing the rounds at the moment is a blackmail scam - someone apparently has a...

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How to reset your lightbulb

US-based General Electric (GE) was recently mocked for sharing a video guide to reset your lightbulb. Their ‘smartbulb’ gives you features like voice activation, the ability to pick light levels, and solutions to a number of other problems you didn't know you had. If...

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Goodbye to Windows 7

As of January 14th 2020 - which isn't as far away as it sounds - Microsoft is ending support, patches and updates for Windows 7. For anyone using Windows 7, this could expose them to serious security risks. It's vitally important that we make sure you're either a) not...

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When to upgrade…?

How do you decide when - or perhaps just as importantly, when not - to invest in new technology? That might mean buying a new smartphone or PC, or it could be a complete restructure of your IT systems. With the news that Samsung have released a $2,000 foldable phone,...

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The 2009 / 2019 10-year challenge

Social media is awash with people posting photos comparing their 2009-self to a recent picture. (No, you can't see ours.) If we were building artificial intelligence (AI) / facial recognition software it would be incredibly useful to have a documented worldwide...

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Choosing and using passwords

Strong passwords are your first line of defence against intruders and imposters. The best security in the world is useless if a malicious person has a legitimate user name and password. That's why we've put together this simple guide to help you protect your security...

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Expect The Unexpected

  Last week you may have been affected by - or at least heard about - the O2 outage. It affected customers on O2 and GiffGaff, along with operators who use its network including Tesco Mobile: it's estimated up to 32 million people were affected. And then there's...

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Putting the ‘s’ in https

On July 24th 2018, Google's Chrome browser (by far the most popular) started warning people if the website they were visiting was not secure. What does that mean for you? Visit any website in Chrome. It will either be marked as secure, or not secure, and...

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Change your Twitter password

If you have a Twitter account, whether it's work or personal, you should log in and change the password immediately. And as you're doing that, think about whether you've used that password anywhere else. Here's why: Twitter yesterday announced that they have...

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