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Newsletter, Prediction 4: New views are arriving

Apr 7, 2021 | Newsletter, Advice, Resources

The beginning of April is almost as important a date as the beginning of January for many: a new financial year has arrived, a clean slate, new budgets and new plans made. We thought we’d take the opportunity to consider how things might change in the future, so here are four—deliberately quite vague—medium-term predictions for change. No personal jetpacks in sight, unfortunately.

  1. Remote, shared offices will open across the country
  2. Increased focus on green tech
  3. More, sometimes major, data breaches
  4. New views are arriving

The twenty-somethings now entering the workforce have had an entirely digital life. Anyone over thirty will almost certainly have spent at least some of their life in an internet- and smartphone-free world, but over the next decade we will see people who hold technology as an entirely natural part of life begin to assume positions of responsibility and influence. That will create a lot of opportunities for savvy businesses willing to search out new ideas.

The next generation will also have grown up with social media, with expectations of digital-first communication, and as used to socialising through games and avatars as they are in real life. Work may become more ‘dip in’ and ‘dip out’ rather than the traditional 9-5, 8-6 or whatever you do now.

Consequence & risk: Those of us over thirty, or perhaps forty, will remember the rapid and, at the time, astonishing decline of Yellow Pages over the course of less than a decade. You can either embrace change or become the next Yellow Pages.




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