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Newsletter, Prediction 3: More, sometimes major, data breaches

Apr 7, 2021 | Newsletter, Advice, Resources

The beginning of April is almost as important a date as the beginning of January for many: a new financial year has arrived, a clean slate, new budgets and new plans made. We thought we’d take the opportunity to consider how things might change in the future, so here are four—deliberately quite vague—medium-term predictions for change. No personal jetpacks in sight, unfortunately.

  1. Remote, shared offices will open across the country
  2. Increased focus on green tech
  3. More, sometimes major, data breaches
  4. New views are arriving

Many firms will continue to be lax with security, either deliberately (because they don’t want to spend the money) or unknowingly (because they haven’t asked for help). This could be compounded by an increase in remote working, especially as it becomes the norm over time.

With the increasing use of cloud systems and companies trialling different products, there are chances for data to be ‘left behind’, or forgotten about, so breaches may not even be spotted.

Consequence & risk: assume your personal data will be lost by another company; use secure, unique passwords and keep an eye on bank accounts, credit scores etc.; at work, make sure your business has good security policies and takes them seriously.



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