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Newsletter, Prediction 1: Remote, shared offices will open across the country

Apr 7, 2021 | Newsletter, Advice, Resources

The beginning of April is almost as important a date as the beginning of January for many: a new financial year has arrived, a clean slate, new budgets and new plans made. We thought we’d take the opportunity to consider how things might change in the future, so here are four—deliberately quite vague—medium-term predictions for change. No personal jetpacks in sight, unfortunately.

  1. Remote, shared offices will open across the country
  2. Increased focus on green tech
  3. More, sometimes major, data breaches
  4. New views are arriving

Many people have had at least a taste of not having to commute over the past twelve months, and we suspect that’s more of an appeal to many than literally working from home. Small, shared office locations in commuter and ‘rural’ towns and villages will spring up, giving people the chance to work remotely, but maintain the social aspect of an office environment.

Many businesses are likely to move to a hybrid model, where staff work partly from home (or in local shared offices) and partly from the office. We’ll come back to this method in more detail another day.

Consequence & risk: Businesses need to be confident in their security practices if staff are using shared internet connections and shared office space. Who’s looking over your shoulder…? Will clients be comfortable having calls with people in a semi-public place, or will provision need to be made for this

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