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LastPass and Last Year

Feb 25, 2021 | Newsletter, Advice, Resources

Changes to LastPass and what they mean for you, and the full results from our Client Satisfaction Survey.

Changes to LastPass (deadline 16 March)

We’ve long-recommended LastPass as our preferred password management software. In short, you have a single ‘master’ password, and no longer need to worry about remembering a unique, complex password for every account you use, or not being able to access accounts from whichever devices you are using at the time.

However, their recent announcement to a change in the free plan has left us a little unimpressed. From 16th March if you are on a free plan, you will now only be able to use LastPass either on your desktop/laptop, or on your mobile device.

If you have a free account with LastPass and want to keep using it across your devices you will need to pay at least their £31-per-user minimum fee from 16th March.

If you’re already on a paid plan then you will be unaffected.

Of course, we don’t object to paying for a service that provides value, which LastPass certainly does, but we learned about the pricing change through Twitter and didn’t get an email from them for several days after it was made public. Combined with the fact they advertise their pricing as ‘monthly’, but you can only pay annually and a few frustrations with the software itself, we’ve decided to look elsewhere.

We’re currently reviewing and testing some alternative password management software, which will announce the results of over the next couple of weeks, but if you want to move before the 16th March deadline, please get in touch: reply to this email or call us on 0370 600 9711.

Client Satisfaction Survey

As usual, we sent all our clients a survey to fill in just before Christmas. The results are in and we’ve published them here.

“Thanks for all your help this year which has particularly stressful for obvious reasons. You have helped me to ensure that all my users can work effectively at home and have the resources they need.

We also track ‘ticket satisfaction’ throughout the year, and were ecstatic to find our work on 95% of tickets either ‘met’ or ‘exceeded’ expectations, and 0% were marked as having expectations ‘not met.

The remaining 5% were tickets which were closed before every part of the problem was solved, but we’re pleased the system let us quickly pick up on those issues and get the problem fixed.

If you’d like to chat through what you’ve learned, and review your new systems, we’re here to help.

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