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Looking Ahead: the Optimism of a New Decade

Jan 30, 2020 | EJC News

We’re not huge on resolutions, preferring to start things that have a chance of lasting beyond the second week of January! But it’s unsurprising that with the dawn of a new decade we want to pause and consider where we want to take EJC in the future.

The fundamentals won’t change: knowledgeable staff, great support, reliable systems and helpful advice are the cornerstones of our service.

We’d rather announce things as they happen than make promises now, but in 2020 and beyond we are looking to improve:

  • How we communicate the ‘hidden’ work and extra value EJC provides
  • Even more attention to detail
  • Easy-to-understand communication– we’re pretty good at making things clear but can always improve
  • Improved service desk tickets– we want to make them easier to read on mobile and desktop alike, and ensure you always know the current status of any open issue
  • Better service desk reports, so you know what you’re getting
  • Better support materials: we already have the Resources section but will be adding more to it this year
  • Continued work on the usefulness of our website to both clients and non-clients, as well as our well-received monthly email newsletter

There’s more, some of it of very little interest to the outside world, some of it will be revealed as time progresses – but in short, we’re looking forward to a year, and decade, of continued improvement and even better relationships with our clients. We hope it’s a positive and fruitful time for you too.

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