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Faster charging

Nov 30, 2020 | Tips & Tricks, How to

You can charge your phone or tablet much faster if it’s in airplane mode as it turns off wifi, mobile signal, location and bluetooth.

This is also useful if you’re trying to preserve your phone battery (although nobody will be able to call you when it’s turned on). You can also save battery power by switching off wifi if you don’t need it, especially if you’re in a location where there is no wifi signal, and there’s often little need to have ‘location’ or ‘bluetooth’ enabled anyway unless you have a specific requirement for them.

Other battery saving tips:

  • Lower the screen brightness
  • Turn off ‘listening’ apps, e.g. Siri on an iPhone
  • Close apps you’re not using
  • Turn off notifications you don’t need
  • Stop using it so much!

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