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Configuring 2-Step-Verification in Dropbox

Aug 27, 2018 | How to, Resources

This guide will walk you through configuring 2-Step Verification on your Dropbox account. This will give you an extra step in ensuring that no one else can log into your Dropbox account without your knowledge.

Step 1

Sign in to your DropBox account at

Step 2

In the top right-hand corner of your account home page you will see a profile picture or smiley face icon. Click on it and then click on Settings in the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 3

A new page opens where you can choose from tabs to edit your personal account information for general information, change your plan, change security settings, change notification settings and edit your connected applications Click on Security.

Step 4

Under the Security settings tab you may change your password, run a security check-up, enable 2-step-verification and review the devices that your Dropbox account is linked to. Enable 2-Step-Verification by toggling the option to the right of the setting.

Step 5

You will be presented with a Get Started dialog box which will give further detail into what will be required after you enable 2-Step-Verification. Click Get Started to begin.

Step 6

You have options! Chose whether you would like to receive a text message with your security codes when you log in or whether to use a mobile application which will generate the codes.

If you choose to receive a text message you will be required to enter your phone number on the next screen. If you choose the mobile application, you will see a bar-code on the screen to scan the bar-code using the downloaded authenticator application. You would scan the bar-code shown on the screen and then be provided a code to enter to authenticate. With the authenticator you will also have the option to enter your phone number as a backup option as well

Step 7

To configure the option for text messages, enter your mobile number.

Step 8

You will then be presented with your one-time backup codes to access your account. Keep these safe and secure.

Step 9

Enter your password in the next dialog box

Step 10

A confirmation message explaining that you when you attempt to sign in, or link your Dropbox to new devices, you will need to enter a security code from your phone.

Click Next to complete the 2-Step-Verification setup.

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