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250 reasons to be happy

Mar 31, 2017 | Newsletter, Resources

We’ve just passed 250 service ticket ratings since we launched it late last year – we’re proud to announce a 98% positive rating (and the issues identified in the remaining 2% were fixed quickly, which is a big part of why we introduced it).

In a perfect world, IT support tickets wouldn’t exist. Nothing would go wrong, you’d never need to ask us how to do something and even if you did we’d know exactly what you wanted and it would be easy to explain the solution.

We don’t, of course, live in that perfect world. Things go wrong with computers. There are aspects you don’t understand and need guidance for. Software has bugs (or wasn’t very well designed in the first place).

Whilst we work hard behind the scenes to make sure software is updated and maintenance is carried out – mostly without you even knowing – there are inevitably times when you need that little extra help, and we’re always here and happy to provide it.

You sometimes ask for help, and we want to fix your problems. That’s the point of EJC, it’s why we come to work each day: to help make your workday flow a little easier. And we want to know we’re getting it right, which is why we introduced the ticket rating system last year.

It’s important we know how well we’ve helped you – but even more so, it’s important you are able to let us know if we fell short of getting things right.

We’re hugely proud of the 98% “Satisfied” rating of our tickets, although will continue to strive for 100%.

There’s also one thing the stats don’t show: whenever there’s an “Unsatisfied” rating of a ticket, a “Satisfied” rating follows shortly after from the same person.

That’s because if you have a problem with what we’ve done, or you don’t think we’ve provided you with a suitable solution, we fix it for you.

As soon as we see you’re not completely happy, we’ll review your ticket, make sure we’ve not missed anything and in most cases give you a call to check what the problem is and what we can do to resolve it.

So please – keep using the rating system on completed tickets. It’s valuable feedback to us and is the quickest way we can find out if there’s a problem. And the sooner we know about a problem, the sooner we’ll have it fixed.

As if that wasn’t enough – we’ve also been working through the results of our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey and will be publishing details soon.

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