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2019 in Review

Jan 30, 2020 | EJC News

2019 was a positive year at EJC. We worked hard on the day-to-day things: keeping our clients’ systems running, dealing with problems, managing projects. We also worked hard behind the scenes to improve how we run the business and work with our clients. Overall we finished the year happier than when we started it, which is all you can ask for!

But let’s look at some numbers.

2019 Client Satisfaction Survey

The obvious place to start is with our Client Satisfaction Survey. For the fourth year running in December, we sent our clients a few simple questions about how we have performed over the previous twelve months.

We had a great response to our annual survey, with 100% of respondents saying they found our communication easy to understand, and that requests are resolved successfully, accurately and quickly.

You can read the full results here – as with previous years we’re extremely happy with the results, although there is always room for improvement. We’re constantly working to make the service we provide better and more useful to our clients – whether that’s speed of communication, clearness of language (we try very hard not to get to ‘techy’ when we talk to you, but it’s easy to slip-up), or simply the range and quality of the services we offer.

Ticket Rating

Towards the end of the year we changed our ticket rating system. Whenever we close a support ticket you receive an email asking you to rate how we did.

Previously we asked you to choose ‘Satisfied’, ‘Neutral’ or ‘Unsatisfied’. In 2019 we received a whopping 97.63% ‘Satisfied’ rating from our clients – a performance we’re hugely proud of. However, we wanted to improve the system further. ‘Satisfied’ doesn’t quite give us enough distinction about how well we performed, so we adjusted the system to invite ratings for how we met your expectations. There are more details in this blog post.

For the short period at the end of 2019 when we trialled the new system we achieved 45.16% ‘Exceeded expectations’, and 100% of tickets either ‘Met’ or ‘Exceeded’.

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